About Us

We Are Bevin Enterprise

Since its foundation in the late 1980’s, Bevin has been growing rapidly, having its basics in enterprise.

Today, it is a regional company with Welding Centre for bandsaw blade, Services Centre for Everising Bandsaw machine and Warehouse Facilities for these products with stock available.

The company has achieved success relying on its basic roots – services, skilled personnel, dynamism and integrity.

A broad range of expertise and long-term experience of our staff are used in providing professional advise to our customers which helps tailor optimum solution to their needs.

“The hub for all your welding and sawing needs.”

We Followed The Core Values

Providing training to our customers.
Sharing our experiences with our customers to improve productivity and quality.
In house facilities to meet all your saw blades needs.
Stock to meet our customers immediate demand.
Introducing latest technology in exhibition yearly.